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WElcome to the hygge & cwtch blog

Hello, I am Annie and this is my Hygge & Cwtch blog created in Wales and inspired by the Danish hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) way of life. I believe a lot of goodness flows from choosing to live in the moment and take things simple and slow. We all need a bit of time and space to relax, take comfort and enjoy the good things in life with good people.  I believe connecting with nature's beauty and nurturing power and indulging in moments of everyday joy is a true tonic.

wabi sabi inetior design
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In this month’s Inspired By…  post, we’re talking about a design style and ethos which is particularly close to our hearts here at Hygge & Cwtch Design Studio. It’s the centuries-old Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi. What is it? Wabi Sabi is a concept centred around the acceptance of imperfection, seeing beauty in nature in […]

panelled kitchen
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To be your most calm and contented self at home, it helps to have a sense of order and harmony in your surroundings. There are a number of reasons why this is important, and a number of ways to achieve it. One method is called ‘the red thread’, and it is a concept well worth […]

Moodboard featuring a palette of materials used in biophillic design
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This month we’re feeling inspired by biophilia and how it can inspire design and wellbeing in the home

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Trees are blooming, blossom is falling, and the hum of lawnmowers fills the air on a Sunday morning. It can only mean one thing… Summer is almost here. With Summer comes an abundance of opportunities to enjoy nature and reconnect with other people, especially exciting for the Summer of 2022 while we continue our journey […]

Bold and colourful abstract artwork in acrylic
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I have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to Lynette Reed, an American artist based in a small town near Venice in Italy. This time, last year, deep into covid lockdowns, we both participated in Nicholas Wilton’s Creative Visionary Programme (CVP). I admired her bold, vibrant artwork and felt an immediate connection to it. I […]

Welsh Scandi blanket on bed
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Kim Otterburn is the Founder of Welsh Otter, a sustainable textile business based in West Wales (www.welshotter.co.uk). I recently sourced some gorgeous cushions from Welsh Otter for an interiors project and was keen to learn more about her work and what drives her.  Kim welcomed me into her beautiful home near Llandeilo, set amongst the rolling […]

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We love using visualisations in our design work as a way of bringing to life the dreams and aspirations of our clients. What better way than to use 3D renders to illustrate our design schemes? They transport the client to what their home will look and feel like when the builders are finished and the […]

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A perfect way to dramatically change your interior is to paint an accent wall. You know that feeling when you start to get a bit of an itch to change things up in one of your rooms? For me, it starts to build slowly, maybe because I have been working on a project using a […]

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As I write we are on the eve of a full moon, when the moon is completely illuminated by the sun’s rays and the Earth is directly between the sun and the moon. Surely, there is nothing more glorious and beautiful as a full moon lighting up the night sky? It is totally captivating and […]

hygge living
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I fell in love with hygge in 2007 when I first visited Copenhagen with my husband on our honeymoon. Here we are on the eve of 2021 and I believe that it is more relevant than ever in our ever-changing, chaotic world. It is really quite simple and anyone can tune into the hygge way […]

Hygge Life

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Indulge in simple pleasures everyday and live the hygge life. 



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Connect with nature and live well.



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Bringing warmth and cosy to your home.


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