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Four reasons to consider working with an Interior Designer

June 14, 2024

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Over the years here at Hygge & Cwtch, we’ve worked on a huge variety of projects. From big homes to small homes, single rooms to full houses. Spatial planning, moodboarding, colour consultancy, garden design. Online services to full turnkey solutions (we take the lead from the first floor plan right through to the final piece of furniture being delivered to your house). In the past few months alone we’ve delivered such a range of projects that it got us thinking about all the different ways that we add value to our client’s lives and projects. As we embark on our own home renovation, we’ve been reminded how, from our client’s perspective, having an interior designer on board can be so beneficial. And it’s not just to make the place look ‘nice’.

Here are our four top reasons why you might want to consider working with an interior designer…

1. To deliver on all the feelings

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know how strongly we feel about interior design being more than just creating pretty rooms. For us, it all comes down to feeling. Creating a place where you can be authentically yourself, at ease and content. Surrounded by things that really mean something to you and design which speaks to you. Providing opportunities to connect with yourself and others, within the comfort of your own home. That hygge vibe is our speciality, and this is the key to happiness and wellbeing at home.

An interior designer’s super power is reading between the lines of what you say you want, what you think you want, and what will actually make you happy in your home. Connecting you to a style which you perhaps never knew was yours. Creating a space which evokes all of the positive feelings through every one of your senses.

Here at Hygge & Cwtch, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen. To approach a new project with zero preconceptions, ready to be led by you, the client. Translating your words into feelings and needs, then developing an aesthetic style and functional solution which will hit all the right notes for you and you alone.

2. To create something beyond the ordinary (as a team)

A great interior designer has the vision and expertise to create a space that you may not have imagined in your wildest dreams. They often also have design skills to help you visualise it for yourself, giving you the confidence to create a home that you may not have considered before. However a designer’s influence can go beyond this.

A 3D render of our Marshfield project
A 3D render of our St Ives project

If you choose to hire an interior designer for both design and project management, they will become part of the team in making it happen. Their goal will be to work with your builders and decorators to ensure their vision and design specifics become a reality. Taking the stress out of your hands and figuring it out as a team.

Experienced designers have the language and the lingo required to communicate with trades. To work together on finding solutions and ensuring that no detail is dropped. Your designer will be your design’s keeper. Making sure nothing is simplified for the sake of ease, at the expense of excellent quality or an extraordinary finish.

The completed Marshfield Project. Photography credit: Aga Hosking
The completed St Ives project. Photography credit: Ross Shepherd

3. To turn inspiration into reality

Have you ever felt inspired by those gorgeous homes on Instagram or in the magazines? Influenced by the beautiful shots on Pinterest? The ones that look cosy, inviting, luxurious, perfectly put together yet super homely? Yet when you’ve tried to create the look in your own home, it’s just not hit the mark?

Interior designers and interior stylists know all the tricks of the trade. They’re trained in executing designs which elevate a room from ‘nice’ to homely and Insta-worthy. They have a knowledge of colour theory, lighting, balance, proportion to name a few. How well all of these things are understood and carried out determine the overall finish of a room.

It’s all about a considered approach and an attention to detail which only comes through experience and practice. So do you want to take your room to the next level and turn the inspiration into a reality? Then hiring an interior designer could be the best decision you could make.

Our Lahaina project. Photography credit: Ross Shepperd

4. To keep you within budget 

We know this is probably counter intuitive as, of course, it costs money to hire an interior designer. However a good designer will have the know-how to plan, design and source within your budget therefore stopping costs spiralling. This can all too easily happen when completing a project alone, and not just because of the usual curveballs and unexpected costs which inevitably creep up in any project. 

There are so many decisions to be made in any project. From the big tickets right down to the miniscule details. A huge part of budget management is being able to shop around for the best value for money without compromising on quality or style. Either you can spend hours of your time doing this for yourself, or you can tap into an interior designer’s wealth of experience in sourcing and suppliers and let them find the solutions within your budget.

Not to mention the potential savings to be made in trade discounts, which your interior designer can usually access for certain suppliers. So yes, a designer will cost you money. But the savings in both money and time that you will gain in the long run make it a wise investment. So you can spend more money on the things that really matter…

All about family (including the pooch) at our Fidlas Road project. Photography credit: Aga Hosking

So what are you waiting for?

Ultimately, an interior designer’s job is to take away the stress from a project in a number of ways, while delivering a space which enriches your life. Rooms which are not only functional and practical but which are personal, beautiful and completely aligned to who you are.

If you can see the value in an interior designer and would like to help you along the way, please get in touch and let’s chat about your project.

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