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Colourful, Cosy, Scandi:The Hygge & Cwtch Signature Interior Design Style

May 18, 2023

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It’s been almost six years since we launched the Hygge & Cwtch brand. In that time, we’ve worked on numerous interior design jobs, from small space planning to full house turnkey projects. Each of these projects have helped us to develop and hone a signature interior style. Not something that we intentionally set out to do, but which has developed organically over time. It’s only on reflection in recent months that we’ve really been able to pinpoint what it is that makes our interior design style inherently ‘Hygge & Cwtch’. If we had to sum it up? Colourful. Cosy. Scandi.

Our number one priority in any interiors project is putting the needs of each individual client first. Creating a beautiful home which works for them, reflects their personality and enhances their wellbeing. These clients come to Hygge & Cwtch because they like what they’ve seen of our past work and they want a piece of that in their own home. This is how a signature style works. It’s individual and personal, yet has a certain look and a vibe which comes naturally through our design process.


We’re not talking rainbow brights here. Nor is it about ‘more is more’ for the sake of it when it comes to colour. Our approach is intentional. We admire the freshness and simplicity of neutrals, but we also love colour and it’s power to make us feel certain way and to visually create flow, impact and beauty.

Layers of colour create a colourful yet cosy snug at our Lahaina project. Photography credit: Ross Sheppard

We use colour in design very carefully, where it will have purpose and meaning. Carefully choosing colour palettes to create the unexpected – we’ve talked before about our ‘surprise and delight’ approach to design, and colour is our most powerful tool to achieve this. Select the colours you love which evoke the senses and use them with intention. Whether it be flooding a space with colour to create a whole mood, or using it sparingly to lift a neutral palette or highlight a key feature.

We don’t shy away from colour and, especially when combined with the Scandi element of our interior design style, it’s what gives our work a unique edge.

Flashes of colourful lighting in our Robinswood project. Photography: Emily Brittain-Delgado


It’s important to us that we create spaces which aid the wellbeing of our homeowners. Key to this, is the simple act of making them feel ‘at home’. Where they are most comfortable, feel safe and can truly be themselves. An authentic home is one which feels completely right for you, and where you can best focus on your wellbeing.

There are many factors involved in delivering this for our customers. One which we believe is at the core of designing a home, is simply to make it cosy.

Light, bright and cosy to enjoy the view at our Lahaina project. Photography: Ross Sheppard

The definition of ‘cosy’ is ‘giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation’. This is at the forefront of our minds with every home that we work on. We want our homeowners and their guests to walk through the front door and feel like they can breathe out. They can relax, be comfortable, get cosy.

Even if the general interior design style has clean lines and more modern finishes, it wouldn’t be a signature Hygge & Cwtch home without there being a big soft armchair to sink into with a book, a rug to dig your toes into, and lighting design to help you simmer down and switch off. It’s a real hygge vibe with moments of cwtch throughout… yes, Hygge & Cwtch.

The outside space is no exception, go for cosy to create a real extension of the home. Our Grosvenor Project. Photography: Aga Hosking


The core principles of Scandi and Nordic design are hugely aligned to our own. Simple, uncluttered, never over-designed. It’s all about embracing nature and enhancing light and space.

Bring on the light, feeling of space and splashes of colour at our Beach Road project. Photography: Kathryn Taylor

When we’re in the planning and design stages of any projects, these are the markers that we keep returning to. It’s what helps us make our decisions and ultimately, when combined with our ‘colourful’ and ‘cosy’ style guides, the end result is a signature Hygge & Cwtch style.

Small on space, big on function and style at our West Grove Flats project. Photography: Keir Adams

Regardless of the size and style of home we’re working in, we focus on enhancing light and space. It’s a very Scandinavian approach to leave plenty of empty space, not filling every corner unnecessarily. The ‘empty’ spaces can often do more for the look and feel of a room than pieces of unnecessary furniture ever could. It’s the ebb and flow of a room. Creating a feeling of space even where there isn’t a big footprint, where you’re not visually bombarded at every turn.

Light, bright, spacious, colourful and cosy… this room at our Rose Cottage project has it all.
Photography credit: Ross Sheppard

This is something we strive to achieve in every home we work in, whether it’s a specific space planning project or as part of a full redesign. Making the best of the available space, creating a nice flow and good functionality, all while delivering that restful and simple visual experience.

The typical neutral, light and fresh Scandi colour palettes and use of natural wood and textiles also heavily inspire our work. They help to deliver on those core elements of light and space, they are inherently biophilic, and can positively evoke the senses. Throw in some intentional use of colour and a big dose of cosy, and you have the recipe for a Hygge & Cwtch home.

Clear space, letting the light flow, clean lines, pops of colour and tonnes of comfort at our Beach Road project.
Photography: Kathryn Taylor

Feeling inspired?…

Would you like a touch of our colourful, cosy, Scandi interior design style in your own home? If so, get in touch and let’s have a chat. Whether it’s a re-design or a space planning exercise, we can help you make the most of your space and create a beautifully authentic home. In the meantime, join us on Instagram and connect with us over our monthly newsletter for more interior and lifestyle inspiration.

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