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Intentional Interior Design Trends for 2024

December 14, 2023

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It’s quite rare for us to talk about interior design trends here at Hygge & Cwtch. We very much subscribe to the ethos of a beautiful home is a happy and content one. Our passion is to make beautiful spaces which enhance and aid our happiness and wellbeing at home. Achieving this is very much a heart-led exercise. We will always try to get to the root of what our clients truly want, not what they think they should want.

Our design style is timeless and sustainable. So while trends come and go, we aim to create spaces which will stand the test of time and will not date. However, as designers we do keep a close eye on what’s going on in the industry. While we design a lot of bespoke items to get exactly what we need, interior design trends do influence what’s on the market and available to buy. And of course, there may be a trend that we can absolutely get on board with if it aligns to our client’s needs.

In particular, we are drawn towards the lifestyle trends rather than the purely aesthetic trends. Those which are about creating a happier and healthier lifestyle in the home from a more holistic point of view. Colour of the year means nothing unless it taps into a part of us which is meaningful and achieves what we set out to create on a deeper level. Wow and wellbeing can go hand in hand.

So with that in mind, we’ve come up with our top six intentional interior design trends for 2024. Trends which look stunning but can be used with purpose and made to last.

1. Minimaluxe

Starting with the one which we feel aligns well to our Hygge & Cwtch design style, it’s Minimaluxe. We didn’t really have a name for it but when we found ‘Minimaluxe’ in the Living Etc 2024 trends list, we knew this was it. Pared back simplicity, created using quality and luxurious materials and finishes. This trend prioritises the feeling of space and light which is so essential to our wellbeing at home. It lends itself well to the Scandi and Japandi styles, both of which we admire and are inspired by in our own design work.

Minimal design, quality materials and a view to do all the talking. 3D renders from our Newgale project.
James Merrall via Living Etc
Soho Home
Cox & Cox

2. Undone Interiors

We recently wrote on the blog about what we called ‘Informality in Design’. This concept is all about not following design rules and creating a home which works for you, improving your wellbeing in the process. We see this becoming more of a widespread approach to interior design in 2024 as people continue the shift into more mindful design and creating authenticity in the home.

Photography credit: Aga Hosking for Hygge & Cwtch
Credit: Emily Brittain Delgado for Hygge & Cwtch
Photography credit: Diana Oliveira for Hygge & Cwtch

‘Undone interiors’ is all about finding your own style, prioritising comfort and taking a pick and mix approach to design styles and shopping. Ultimately curating a home which is truly authentic to the people who live there. It’s not about being ‘insta-worthy’ or having a polished ‘look’. It’s about the storytelling of our lives and reflecting this in the home through personal, meaningful touches and a genuine love for however you choose to visually interpret your style.

3. Social Seating

Connection is key to our wellbeing. Connection to nature, to ourselves and to each other. We can use interior design as a tool to enable and create easy connection between people, and we think we’ll see more of this in 2024.

This lifestyle trend revolves around the design and positioning of furniture which encourages people to face each other and engage in conversation. Less directing the sofas at the TV, more directing the sofas at each other. C-shaped furniture layouts or multi-use armchairs which can be swivelled and repositioned. Dining furniture which encourages more intimate and inclusive conversation between a table full of people rather than just with your immediate neighbours. Definitely one of those interior design trends which marries visual appeal with a positive lifestyle change.

Soho Home
3D render of our Romilly project

4. Earthy hues and a fresh take on finishes

OK we’re going to claim this as our own, as it’s very much part of the signature Hygge & Cwtch aesthetic. But we can really see it taking off over the next year, especially as people begin to lean into the Minimaluxe trend.

Earthy colour palettes – whether dark or light in shade – will forever be the key to achieving a calming vibe in the home if you ask us. We’re big on biophilia and the earthy hues we’re drawn to really tap into that connection to nature. A grounding reminder of the outside world.

But to elevate those earthy shades we look to textures and finishes, and complimentary or contrasting colours. A typical Hygge & Cwtch design will always include pops of unexpected brights to enhance the undertones in the neutral palette and to bring some playfulness and personality into a scheme.

A fresh take on texture can really elevate a room, and we saw examples of this recently at this year’s Decorex exhibition. Neptune showcased a stunning teal zellige tiled chimney breast – we can’t think of many times we’ve seen tiles used in that way outside of the bathroom and kitchen, it had such impact and was truly beautiful to look at, it had to be one of the most Instagrammed set ups of the entire event.

Neptune at Decorex 2023

5. Sustainable materials take centre stage

Sustainable materials such as cork and wood are most definitely continuing their ascent into 2024. This isn’t a new trend. Forward-thinking designers have been working with natural materials other than wood for years. Think the cork-heavy Isle Crawford range for IKEA in 2015, for example. But we see it becoming more mainstream as we become more planet conscious than ever before

Cork is a practical, interesting, self-regenerating material. Truly sustainable, there’s no other material quite like it. No longer resigned to small scale use – holding calendars, invitations and to-do lists – it’s now making it’s way into our homes as an alternative to wallpaper, even being used as a floor covering thanks to its sound and heat insulating properties. The good quality cork is simply beautiful to look at, each piece being completely unique and in varying tones of warmth and depth.

Ilse Crawford for IKEA 2015
Sebastian Cox and DeVOL
Oli Carter

Wood is coming through in it’s natural, more rustic form. We’re seeing a movement away from the classic shaker style painted kitchens into more raw and real wooden cabinetry. New and ancient techniques are used to make wood hardwearing without covering up the natural beauty. One of our favourite stands at Decorex 2023 was by Oli Carter and his stunning timber and joinery work. Using a burning technique to create a striking blackness to the wood so you could still see every grain and knot but it felt so contemporary and elevated.

The Sebastian Cox and DeVOL kitchen collaboration is a match made in heaven and their work shows how eco-friendly craftsmanship can translate to beautiful, aspirational homes. We love how the rustic edge to their kitchens are balanced by brass hardware, modern lighting and pure simplicity in design. The perfect meeting of timeless, contemporary and sustainable.

6. Shining a spotlight on gold

Another trend that jumped out at us in the Living Etc 2024 trends list was ‘Variations on Gold’. Over the past couple of years we have used shades of gold in client projects in a way which makes it the hero of a room, rather than confined to accessories and hardware. A gold ceiling here (see further down for the opulent gold ceiling in our client’s snug), a champagne-shade wall there, it’s a colour which speaks to our particular style at Hygge & Cwtch and we don’t think we’ll be the only ones using it more over the next year.

Timeless, warm, reminiscent of sunsets and nature. With so many shades and of gold available, from bronze – such as the Ferm Living bronze stripe paper we’ve used in a recent client’s bedroom – to pale, and finishes including antique, brushed or patina for a more lived-in, treasured and soulful vibe, there is a gold to meet every brief.

Bronze and pale pink bold stripes by Ferm Living for our latest project (3D renders)
A statement gold ceiling at one of our Hygge & Cwtch interior design projects
Photography credit: Aga Hosking for Hygge & Cwtch

Tying in perfectly with the Minimaluxe trend, nothing says ‘luxe’ more than a lustrous shot of gold. Intentionally and minimally used to create maximum impact without it feeling to try-hard.

Is it time for you to take your home into a new direction in 2024? Well get in touch and let’s talk! In the meantime, subscribe to our Edition emails for a monthly dose of musings and inspiration, and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for even more interior design and lifestyle chat.

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