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Why hygge is more relevant than ever for our wellbeing.

December 27, 2020

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I fell in love with hygge in 2007 when I first visited Copenhagen with my husband on our honeymoon. Here we are on the eve of 2021 and I believe that it is more relevant than ever in our ever-changing, chaotic world. It is really quite simple and anyone can tune into the hygge way of life. At its very heart is the notion of looking after yourself by taking comfort and indulging in moments that give you joy and make you feel at total ease. When I stopped chasing around, stretching myself too thin and allowed space in my life to pause a while and seek contentment then I saw the hygge magic begin to happen. It brings a quiet sense of satisfaction, which envelopes you. I feel better equipped to care for my own wellbeing and share that feeling with others.

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2020 has been a year like no other. It started off with such promise as we began a new decade. Like so many people, we had plans to travel, meet up with friends and start new projects. Yet, very quickly news of the global pandemic gained momentum. Lives have since been turned upside down, livelihoods put under extreme pressure and plans frustrated. More than anything our ability to meet with our extended family and friends has been compromised and we miss that valuable human connection. Research into mental health and links to coronavirus show that people are really struggling with their emotional and mental wellbeing. Feeling anxious and worried is commonplace. Similarly feelings of loneliness and isolation abound.

It is more important than ever to form daily rituals and habits that give us a sense of our own personal wellbeing. For me, it is as simple as making coffee, listening to a podcast, walking my dog, painting in my studio or wrapping myself up in a blanket and reading my book. What is your hygge?

I invite you to take a quiet moment and reflect on the small adjustments you could make in your daily life to bring about joy and balance to what can often feel overwhelming. Taking these small steps can make a big difference to everyday lives. Interestingly research has also shown that being kind to others or receiving kindness has a real positive effect on wellbeing. Hygge is present in quiet generosity. A little gesture of kindness will benefit wellbeing no end.

Wellbeing is about a deep rapport with ourselves and the world around us. Hygge strengthens that rapport by nurturing consideration, responsiveness and delight in our relationships with the places we inhabit and the people who make up our families and communities.

Louisa Thomson Brits

I love the concept of hygge and all its stands for in particular warmth, cosiness and simplicity. At the moment wellbeing is very much in the spotlight. Hygge can help us look after ourselves and others.

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