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Our top four ideas for getting the Spring hygge feeling at home

March 14, 2024

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We’ve got that new season feeling here at Hygge & Cwtch Design Studio. March brings the early blooms, the longer days and lighter nights. That undeniable sense of optimism for a bright and sunny season ahead. With these feelings of change and excitement, we always look for new ways to enjoy our home and to find a fresh new take on our favourite moments from the Winter months. Because at our core, is always hygge. If it’s your vibe too, then like us, you need embrace Spring hygge.

Isn’t hygge just for the Winter?

There is something of a myth that hygge is a lifestyle for the Autumn/Winter months. That’s it’s all about the blankets, candles and hunkering down while the snow falls outside.

But truly, hygge is a year-round concept. The characteristics flow with the seasons. Let’s not forget, at the heart of hygge is not things, but a sense of belonging, connection and simplicity. As Hicham Bennani puts it in the book Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness (Marie Tourell Soderberg, 2016):

“…the togetherness, the little something for the senses, and the spontaneity… in a hyggelig atmosphere, you can relax and be who you are without meeting judgement”.

The Hygge & Cwtch Garden Studio

To any home or business owner who wants to create a hygge environment, these words should be your North Star. If the end result aligns with Hincham’s words, then you’re doing something right. No matter where in the world you are or what the season may be.

So how do we do Spring hygge at home?

There is no more important place to create that hyggelig environment than in our own home. The place where we should be at our most content and relaxed.

There are a few things we can do in our home all your round to make sure we create this kind of sanctuary for ourselves. However we think there are a few ways to enhance the hygge vibes that are more specific to Spring. Read on for our top four Spring hygge ideas…

Calming fresh green at our Heolgerrig project. Photography: Diana Oliveira

1. Take your hygge classics outside

We talked earlier about those classic hygge moments. Blankets, candles, a good book, those simple moments of peace and pleasure. Take everything we love about hygge in the Winter (minus the rain and cold weather, hopefully!) and simply move it outside. Start reconnecting with nature.

A connection to nature is an innate human need and is brought to life within our homes through biophilic design. Blurring the lines between inside and outside – think plenty of plant life in our homes and using our outside space as a extension to our home – is key to this connection and to enabling wellbeing at home.

Creating an outside area which has been considered as much as a room inside your home is the way to start. Furniture which invites you to sit and get cosy. Lighting which enables you to squeeze every last drop out of the day. A layout which flows and, where possible, provides sociable spaces and quiet moments alone. Outdoor candles, blankets for when the temperature drops and anything else that makes you feel truly at home, content, relaxed.

The outside space of our Grosvenor Road project ready for those chilly Spring nights. Photography: Aga Hosking

2. Begin to bring the outside in

An extension to idea #1 as this again is all about that connection with nature. This time, however, it’s about inviting nature in.

Open the windows and allow the breeze to carry out the stuffy atmosphere of the Winter months. Feel the freshness of the air inside your house and wake up your senses. There is no more uplifting sight than Spring flowers blooming, so fill vases with tulips and daffodils for a visual and scent Spring treat.

Look around your home and consider how you could start to spend small moments connecting to the outside. A new morning coffee spot overlooking the garden? Or a desk shuffle to put you closer to the natural light? It’s all about turning your focus outwards instead of inwards in those small, joyful moments.

A bright spot for a quiet moment at our Rose Cottage project. Photography: Ross Sheppard

3. Create calm with a Spring hygge palette

While we don’t typically talk about or follow interior design trends, there are certain occasions where a trend or a direction is more than just aesthetic. Intentional interior design is about creating spaces which look good whilst also serving our wellbeing.

One example of this, would be using shades of green to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. The Spring palette would be a little fresher than Winter greens. Think freshly cut grass or the green of the ocean. Calming yet invigorating.

A 2D elevation of a calming green media wall unit in a current Hygge & Cwtch project

It can be as simple as adding green as an accent colour, easily updating your interiors with a seasonal scheme played out through cushions, throws, artwork and ornamental pieces. Or if the green of Spring is what really brings you joy, make it a permanent part of your scheme in the walls or furniture. Be unapologetic about what brings you joy, and flood your home with those happy moments, regardless of the season.

3D renders for a North Cardiff Private Residence project by Hygge & Cwtch Design Studio
A gorgeous grassy green at our West Wales holiday let project. 3D render by Hygge & Cwtch Design Studio

4. Awaken the senses with light and texture

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas. There’s something about a twinkly light at dusk. They look ethereal and set the scene perfectly for winding down the day as the sun sets. Use them inside and outside alongside other considered lighting. Outdoor table lamps or festoon lights which will provide enough light once the sun has set to continue reading your book while wrapped in a blanket, or carry on that good conversation that you don’t want to end just yet.

All the textures and warm lights at dusk at our Hygge & Cwtch garden studio

Layering textures will forever be the number one interior design trick to creating a luxe feel. A good dose of contrasting textures throughout our home is what awakens our sense of touch and contributes hugely to the full sensory experience. For a seasonal shift, switch the warm faux furs for lighter linens in varying weights and finishes. It’s a simple seasonal change that can transform both the look and feel of a space.

Bringing the outside space to life with lighting at our Salisbury Avenue garden design project. 3D renders by Hygge & Cwtch Design Studio

What are your go-to hygge moments? Those simple joys that make you feel most centred and connected. We’d love to hear about them, so join us on Instagram and let’s chat about all things Spring hygge!

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