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How to have a hygge Christmas

December 11, 2022

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The festive season is upon us and now more than ever we’re embracing the hygge way of life. Simple pleasures. Contentment and cosiness. Embracing whatever it is that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s different for us all, but if you’re looking to be inspired then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our quick guide to having a hygge Christmas.

Inspired by nature

Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is a Danish concept and is one that they live and breathe in Scandinavia. So it makes sense to look to the Scandi style for hygge Christmas décor ideas. Inspired by nature, think greenery, Winter whites, the warm glow of fairy lights and candles. In true hygge-style, add faux fur, sheepskins and chunky knit blankets for the cosy factor. The Scandi hygge style is a rustic vibe, balancing the coolness of a snow-inspired colour palette with the warmth of wood, foliage and warm lighting. It sets the scene beautifully for a pared-back cosy Christmas.

Embrace traditions

For many of us, nothing creates that warm fuzzy feeling quite as much as a bit of nostalgia. Looking back at family photos (such as my very own childhood Christmas photo, below), decorations from our childhoods, remembering and continuing traditions. It’s all part of creating a meaningful Christmas. We’re very much about living in the moment here at Hygge and Cwtch, but sometimes a little look back into the past is exactly what we need to find joy in the here and now.

Nordic-influenced design

If it’s colour that lights you up, then you have the perfect opportunity to bring some Nordic-influenced design into your home. The Rosemaling design style is Norway’s traditional style of folk painting. It has a real nostalgic magic. Our minds are instantly transported to a cosy cabin in the woods with a roaring fire and all of the charm and cosiness of a simple, rustic Christmas.

There are a few options out there for folksy decor, but for us, no-one does the nostalgic colourful folk style better than Madam Stoltz, one of our go-to hygge-inspired brands.

Personal, not perfect

We can find true contentment at Christmas time when we remember that nothing has to be perfect. There are no medals to be won, no competitions to be had. Keep it fun and personal to you and that’s where you’ll find true joy in the season. There’s no better way of embracing this anti-perfection idea than to tap into your creative side, so consider making something festive which holds meaning to you, even if it isn’t Pinterest-worthy.

This philosophy can apply to your Christmas decor too. We love a Christmas tree decorated with meaningful items. Pieces collected over the years and from travels during the year and hung proudly from your tree each Christmas, not because they follow any trend but because they hold memories and spark a little joy.

A hygge Christmas for the senses

At Hygge and Cwtch Design Studio, our strategy for creating beautiful homes is to design for the senses. Christmas can often bring a little sensory overload. Winter spiced candles, Michael Buble and Mariah Carey on repeat from 1st November, red and white candy stripes everywhere you look. It’s a lot. So more than ever, we urge you to make your home your haven.

Take a lighter touch and perhaps focus on the one sense that really brings people together. Taste. Gather everyone around a festive table – as simple or as extra as you like. Enjoy the tastes of Christmas with great company and the sound of chat and laughter. Connecting with people is a simple pleasure which is often overshadowed by the craziness of Christmas when really, it’s what the season is all about.

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Have a very happy hygge Christmas from us all at Hygge and Cwtch Design Studio!

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