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October 5, 2022

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The Danish philosophy of ‘hygge’ is integral to our brand. Hygge and Cwtch – a Welsh term for ‘cuddle’ – really sums up the feeling that we strive to achieve for all of our Interior Design clients. A simple sense of calming, cosiness and contentment. A feeling that we want our blog readers to achieve too, in their own way, with a little inspiration from us. We find joy in discovering and supporting other businesses aligned with our own values and philosophies, so we thought that with the cosiest of hygge seasons being well and truly upon us, we’d share and inspire you with a few of our go-to hygge inspired brands.

Mysko Living

Kicking off with a business after our own hearts. Mysko Living – translated as Cosy (Mys) Cow (Ko) in Swedish – was founded by Anna. Originally from Sweden, Anna has brought the best of her Nordic traditions and philosophies to the UK to share with us through her brand Mysko.

Sharing insights into her upbringing which involved ‘enjoying long big breakfasts at weekends, hot chocolate in the snow, daily ‘fika’ breaks with flavoured loose tea…’ Anna sets the scene for a brand which not only has the ‘look’ of hygge but has the beliefs and practice of the concept at it’s core.

For us at Hygge & Cwtch Design Studio, ‘hygge’ isn’t just about chunky blankets and candles (although they are essentials in any hygge inspired home!) We very much try to live and work to our values every day, to achieve calmness, contentedness and improved wellbeing. In our own lives, as well as our clients’.

Mysko Living has the same approach, filling their online store with not only hygge inspired homewares, but with books, loose-leaf teas, a whole range of natural self-care products, a Nordic breakfast bundle (for those ‘long weekend breakfasts’), gift sets and much more. All of which encourage Anna’s customers to truly live a hygge inspired life.

To introduce a touch of Mysko magic into our reader’s lives, Anna has kindly offered Hygge & Cwtch readers an exclusive 15% discount to use online at Mysko.co.uk (enter MYS+CWTCH at the checkout, discount applicable to any order with no minimum spend, valid until 31st October 2022).


Supporting local businesses right here in Wales is so important to us. Finding brands who are local and who also have similar beliefs and values always feels like we’ve hit the jackpot. Hunant is one of those businesses. Based right here in Cardiff, Hunant (translated as ‘they slumber’) is proud to create and sell one product, but do it really, really well!

An idea born during lockdown, the brand celebrates the humble fitted sheet. Producing premium, quality bedsheets made with 100% cotton percale, Hunant are breathing life into the bedroom once you pull back that duvet. The traditional Welsh patterns and colours provide a sense of nostalgia and elevate the look of a space through an often-overlooked item.

Credit: Hunant

As they say themselves, we spend so much of our lives in bed, so why not give it the attention it deserves and sleep only on the best! Finding that extra bit of joy in simply throwing back the duvet is so very hygge, don’t you think?

The lovely guys at Hunant have given Hygge & Cwtch readers an exclusive 10% discount on any order, valid until 31st October. Just add the code HYGGE10 at the checkout, simple!

Credit: Hunant

Madam Stoltz

Madam Stoltz is top of our supplier list when designing any boho hygge inspired interiors for our clients. With a back story rooted in the Danish founder’s travels to India, the brand is a celebration of local talent and handmade creations from their suppliers in India, Morocco, China and Vietnam. As they explain on their website…

“A Madam Stoltz Collection is always chosen by heart and made by hand. The unique, handmade interior and decoration items are the results of a journey through cultures and a fondness for nature.”

Stocked in numerous retailers in the UK and across the world, the Nordic and Asian influences are clear throughout their collections. We also see the hygge-type values in their focus on nurturing close supplier relationships, celebrating talent and culture, with an emphasis on quality and seeing the beauty in every piece that they sell.

The strong global design influence gives every item that unique and homely feel, and their beautifully curated collections support their concept of ‘chosen by heart, made by hand’.

We particularly adore their textiles. The cushions and mattresses have a natural boho quality and look just as at home in the garden as they do indoors. And while we like to live in the moment here at Hygge & Cwtch, we have to show some appreciation for the Madam Stoltz bauble collection. Proving that the global boho vibe isn’t just for Summer, they even do Christmas beautifully in their signature style.

This is a special brand who have found the key to translating their community-driven values in to their product and visual style. There’s just something about everything they do that makes us want to gather, share and enjoy. And that, dear reader, is hygge.

Heavenly Homes and Gardens

The Heavenly Homes and Gardens shop in the beautiful market town of Ross-on-Wye is the stuff of dreams. With a welcoming, rustic charm, it’s a treasure trove of homewares, self care products and gifts. Luckily for anyone who lives out of the area, the online shop is just as well stocked and very well organised.

From candles and lighting to mattresses and even ‘rusty letters’, you’d be hard pressed to find a type of homeware or accessory that this shop doesn’t sell. It’s a go-to gift shop for anyone who appreciates a beautiful home. Self-billed as ‘the home of faux flowers and plants’, they don’t disappoint when it comes to choice and you know how much we advocate touches of nature indoors, whether it be real or faux.

The process of searching through a whole array of beautiful, quality items is a simple joy in itself. Receiving the item, whether in person or via the Post Man, then enjoying your new little treasure at home is one of those small moments that can lift your spirit and calm the mind.

So while Heavenly Homes and Gardens may not instantly hit you with that typical hygge aesthetic, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that this small, family run business represents the concept of searching for those simple joys and finding beauty in the small things.

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